painting of a woman on a swing
In 2024, Vote your Convictions

Thoughts from an Independently Minded Swing Voter whose not planning to vote for Imposters this year.

US Constitution
History of Free Speech in the US

Freedom of speech is an ideal that dates back to ancient Greece. This article describes some of the landmark events in the United States.

Sweat from Brow
Convertible Sweat Model

The Convertible Sweat Model enables entrepreneurs to build successful startups based on the strength of an idea and trust in fair compensation.

Old pair of boots
Reasons to Bootstrap your Startup

When should you consider leveraging your company with outside capital? The answer may be never, here's why...

Davinci Flying Ship
Ideas I would Like to Invest In

So many things to do, so little time. Here is a list of ideas I would like to invest in as a partner or financial backer.

Flexible Startup Model
Startup Flex Model

This article describes a flexible approach to product development and what qualities a founder (CEO) should look for in a builder (CTO).

Roll up Sleeves
Advisor Incentive Model

I've advised numerous entrepreneurs... I've seen startups fail that could have been successful and the toll that takes on its founders.

Startup Founder Title

The title of Chief Executive Officer smacks of old school hierarchy. A startup with a CEO? "Bitch please".