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The following ideas are things I would like to invest in as a partner or financial backer.

Social Media Platform with Revenue Sharing

Some people build huge followings on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms but receive little in return. They work hard to create content and build a community but social media giants take 100% of the financial gain.

A more equitable business model would share revenue with content creators similar to Youtube. It would have instant appeal for the creators of Facebook Pages and Groups. Such a platform would give content creators independence and a more open platform to attract followers. In addition, a growing number of people are abandonning Facebook for philosophical reasons and are hungry for an alternative.

One difficulty would be to minimize the effort of publishing to an additional platform while waiting for revenue to ramp up. A stategy for overcoming this hurdle would be to partner with developers of social media marketing tools. Apps such as Hootsuite and Buffer allow users to schedule posts across multiple platforms. If content creators could post to a revenue generating channel with one click, it would be a compeling value proposition.

I would like to invest in a startup that already has a platform and some traction. I am open to provideing capital and time to solve promotion challenges. It won't be easy, but if a revenue sharing platform gains traction, it would disrupt the social media space.

Social Media Marketing Tool

Social media is undergoing a Supernova thanks to the efforts of Twitter, Facebook and Google to censor “bad speech”. That’s understandable, but the result is the proliferation of alternative platforms such as Parler, MeWe and Rumble.

There are already a large number of Social Media Marketing Tools such as Buffer, Hootsuite and Sprout Social. However, each solution media platform updates their APIs on a regular basis, and new platforms are emerging, creating opportunities to leap frog competitors. In addition, legacy players are charging high subscriptions and eliminating freemium options.

I would like to partner with a developer who has experience implementing social media APIs and is open to putting some skin in the game. I can provide capital to cover some of the development costs and deploy a sales campaign to attract the first paying customers.

Better You Slots

Casino slot games are some of the biggest money makers in the App Store. About 10% of the 500 top grossing apps in the App Store are slot games. Unfortunately, it’s hard to be passionate about exploiting other people’s weaknesses.

But what if you could harness people’s weaknesses to make them better people? Then you could make money and make the world a better place. I have several ideas for providing this key component.

I am looking for a developer with experience building slot games or the capacity to implement an open source clone cost-effectively. I am open to covering some of the cost of development and executing a promotion plan to gain traction.

Fair Shake Tutoring

Income inequality in the West has gotten so bad that Marxism is making a comeback. Young people are saddled with student debt and the can’t afford healthcare on home ownership. It's understandable that they are looking for an alternative. If history is a guide, the best one is Capitalism with equality of opportunity.

Access to a good education is one way to provide opportunity to all. But just spending money on education has not been very effective. The US spends more money in the US per student than any other country and yet our students are behind many nations.

What is needed to bridge the education gap is online tutors from privileged backgrounds that serve as role models for disadvantaged kids. Interacting with people who plan to go to college makes it a lot more likely that a person will go to college.

Eco Adventure Ballooning Company

There are a lot of space tourism companies coming down the pike like Virgin Galactic and Blue Origins. But I can’t really get jazzed about paying $250,000 and burn a massive amount of fuel just to float in space for a few minutes.

However, one thing that would be fantastic is to hitch a ride on the Jet Stream in a giant balloon to an exotic location. Like Richard Branson did a while back, but with a less drama and better food.

The adventure seekers who sign up for this won’t always know exactly where they will land, and that’s part of the appeal. It would be heaps of fun and a great bonding experience.

There will be a lot of technical problems to solve like not getting obliterated by the Jet Stream, figuring out a way to navigate a least a bit, and managing tough landings. So the project starts with a great engineer to solve these problems and a prototype.

Investing Scenarios


Another person has created a prototype of the product and wants to partner with somebody for promotion, and to build the company.


A startup has already created their MVP and put together a team of at least two people. I join as an active angel investor, with direct involvement in projects via Loaa Digital.


I bring execution and initial capital to the startup. For many of these projects, the first step is to find a software coder or engineer to make the minimum viable product (MVP). On the promotion side, we would need content creators and people who are good at making content go viral.

Please Note
- Discussing these ideas won’t preclude either side from continuing to work on them independently.
- I don’t sign NDAs, cuz “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

Interested in discussing? Gmail me at firstlast@...

Marc Bolh

Founder ☞ Vidalingua, Loaa Digital, Ascendo
Advisor ☞ Renoun Skis
Investor 👼🏻

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