Searching for true north.
Projects I spend the most time on...

Vidalingua logo

Vidalingua is a leading langauge app publisher with over 15 million user downloads.

Austin coliving house

Try coliving in Austin at my place. Book a room with Outsite.

Loaa Digital logo

Loaa Digital is a Sales & Marketing Agency specialized in driving results for brands we believe in.

Supercollider logo

Supercollider fosters collisions of individuals and ideas to unlock energy. Join us at Synaptic Supercollider.

Ascendo logo

Ascendo is the creator of DataVault, the leading password manager to secure your private information.

Phrasemates logo

PhraseMates helps you learn a language and make friends. Exapand your world with PhraseMates.

Renoun Ski logo

Renoun has pioneered the use of StopVibeTM, a non-newtonian material, to revolutionize the ski industry.

Marc Bolh

Two of my heros are Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. During an interview both men stated that the key to their success could be summed up in one word, focus.

The cards above represent some of the projects I'm involved in. As you can see, I'm not very focused. I probably could be a lot more successful, at least from a financial standpoint, if I was. But I'm having more fun this way.

The only problem is that I'm stretched way too thin. I'm like Elastigirl without the suit. I could use some help. Follow the links above to find out about collaboration opportunities. And check out my Blog to read about things I'm interested in.